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Based in South Manchester, we specialise in corporate visual branding, brand collateral, digital art, illustration and image manipulation.


We work with clients and partners from a variety of industries, services and consultancies, and pride ourselves on building long term business relationships, supporting our clients and making their success our common goal.


We have invested in state of the art hardware and software and subscribe to the very latest Adobe® Creative Cloud to ensure our own efficiency. All our work is backed up online to minimise any possible disruption to our clients.


We make the most of our client's time and budget by allowing them remote access to our desktop, this way the client can then see their project live, allowing collaboration on-line in real time. This approach gives a rapid turnaround and makes sure we interpret your needs accurately.

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Welcome and thank you for visiting Ruttimann Design Ltd.

I am Matt Ruttimann, Creative Director and Owner of Ruttimann Design Ltd.


I came to Manchester in 1992 to study 3D Industrial Design at the Metropolitan University following 3 years in Singapore where I studied fine arts, graphic design and advertising at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).


In 1994 I joined J.W.Johnson's Bar & Restaurant in Manchester (. . . long and illustrious forerunner of today - Living Ventures Ltd). I started as barback and my first introduction to the high-octane world of 'flair bartending'. Very soon I had made my mark too with my dazzling 'flair', although rather more with an artist's brush than bottle and mixing tin (perhaps because I was breaking more glassware then was selling cocktails) but management persevered and as well as bartending, I worked as in-house designer/artist on brand collateral and concepts until the sale of JW’s in 1996. Together with LV I relocated to Birmingham to work on a new venture, . . . ViaVita Cafe Bar & Restaurant.


The time was right and in 1998 I left the company but still continued my creative work with LV as well as working on a variety of other projects with clients, the likes of Mattel and PSION and in 2006 I became incorporated.


Now, two decades on, I have enjoyed many creative opportunities from working on kids toys to designing private stables and a 150 foot zip-wire, even creating the set design for a Sci-fi film funding project . . . but at the heart of them all, I have met some wonderful, inspiring individuals who with great tenacity have dared to dream BIG.


I hope I'm there to support you with your dreams?!!! . . . If you have any queries or like to make a comment, then please do not hesitate to contact me at

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Brand Development

Corporate design visual identity & collateral branding

"A brand is

 a promise."


Brand identity is the tangible that appeals to the senses.


Either part of an overall brand strategy or just the first steps to a start-up business, we look to provide the brand people trust and stands apart in a crowded market place.


We look at all aspects of brand design from the look of the marketing campaign throw to the images, background and not least the logo itself.

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Digital Art

Bespoke digital art and image manipulation specialist

. . . "A picture is worth a thousand words" . . . as the old idiom goes, and for a visual Photoshop specialist, that can not be more true.


A good image speaks to our subconscious, either as art or an image purposely selected as part of a message for an advert.


We specialise in both and pride our selves in our creative and technical skill and our attention to detail.

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Our cause . . .


As a freediver I regularly travel to the coast and I see first hand the impact modern life has on the sea life and natural environment. It's something close to my heart and the following organisations and individuals campaign to create better awareness and understanding of the challenges we all encounter . . .

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